Program Evaluation Services

IBH Analytics (IBH) helps strengthen communities and organizations by utilizing a systematic approach to answer questions about programs, particularly about their effectiveness and efficiency. IBH focuses on the program, what it does, and whether the program is achieving its intended objectives.  We tailor each evaluation to the individual program to demonstrate the program’s impact, improve the program design and implementation, align goals and objectives with the program, and develop the right metrics to determine whether or not the program’s outcomes are being met. 


  • Process evaluation 

  • Outcome evaluation 

  • Research design  

  • Qualitative analysis 

  • Quantitative analysis  

select or build valid and reliable tools for success

implement your ideas and data to support you

optimize your outcomes and overall impact

work with your program leaders

What are we going to do for you?

transform data into easy-to-understand information 

develop an evaluative program framework

create graphics to show key stakeholders

align your program content with objectives

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