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Grant Evaluation Services

IBH Analytics (IBH), in collaboration with SAMHSA, CDC, & DOJ grantees, monitors evaluative grant requirements, supports staff with data driven decision making as well as monitors program and individual progress. IBH aggregates data and consults with your organization to better understand the needs of your community from a holistic integrated approach. IBH understands the importance of funding and can assist your organization in their grant writing process. IBH has successfully helped grant applicants secure over $30.9 million in funding since 2018. 



  • Monitoring of grant metrics 

  • Grant required reporting (SPARS, etc.)  

  • Data management 

  • Data collection  

  • Data entry 

  • Data quality 

  • Disparity impact statement. 

  • Evaluation planning (plan development) 

  • Performance/outcome dashboard analysis 

  • Action plan and activity tracking 

  • Data and content consultation 

  • Project Management 

  • Grant Writing 

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